I don't see the PDF Template Editor!

I’ve installed suiteCRM on my hosting account and it seems to be working fine. But when I compare it to the demo it doesn’t work the same as my installation. When I hover over the All tab I just see a list of a few modules. Attached is an screen shot of my dashboard. Can anyone tell me how to load the other modules and get them working? Thanks.

Hello - can you tell us what version of SuiteCRM you installed.

There should be a module in the ‘all’ menu called ‘PDF Templates’ – can you confirm that you are not able to see this - - also - have you scrolled all the way to the bottom - depending on your screen resolution - there may be some module below the bottom of the menu - the responsive theme seems to be a bit buggy with respect to showing all the modules.

Let me know and we can take it from there - PDF Templates should be a module in the main menu (found in ALL) that will let you create and edit your PDF templates.

Yes I see that there are problems when working with suiteCRM on Google Crome browser. When I set the zoom to 75% I see all of the modules. But there is another problem, a lot of the modules wont work as expected in Crome. Such as the WSYiWYG editor does not work in Crome on the desktop. It only works in Firefox on the desktop. Can you tell me if suiteCRM works on Crome for Mobile devices because I would like to use suiteCRM in the field if needed. Thanks.