I created a new user and when i try to log in : You have been logged out because your session has expired.

Fresh install of suiteCRM on a fresh server … all good , but when i am creating a new user always the error : You have been logged out because your session has expired. and above the login box You must specify a valid username and password. .
Any help please ?

Same problem… I’ve try to reinstal without fix it…
many post on this bug but nothing work…
If you find a solution let me know

I think it is from hosting ( server ) … on one hosting is working perfectly and on one is not working

For me too. i have a another domain (same hosting) whitch work
however i installed twice with same method…

The user who has been created by the install works… but only this one…

Some information :

i’ve test to upgrade suitecrm 7.10.12 > 7.11.0 > Same problem
php 7.1

SECURITY: User authentication for test failed
Thu Jan 24 11:46:10 2019 [1846983][-none-][FATAL] FAILED LOGIN:attempts[1], ip[], username[test]

I contacted the hosting suport , i told them the problem , because at same hosting company is working on other server :))), lets see what will they answer

Ok i try same thing maybe we have new ideas…
(O2SWITCH for me)

I have a clue :

For me the problem is the password does save in the database (the value is NULL)

So, i’m looking for a fix now…

You can try this
to set a password manually on your user to check if is same problem as me

And the patch :

Honestly I still have not figured out how to implement it… (to replace the user.php ?)

Any news? Any solve for the problem ? The hosting guys will give me an answer today …

Yes it’s solved.

See https://suitecrm.com/suitecrm/forum/installation-upgrade-help/21607-unable-do-login
Same probleme.
You have to apply the fix.

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Yes, it also works for me :slight_smile: