I can't find the field

Hi all, I have a standard “Orders” project, which I understand is linked to the “Items” project. It has a “items” field where I can add the item I want. However, there is one field I need to remove - the “discount” field. I went into the studio, found the “Items” project and saw that the fields have “discount” in them, but the display layout does not have this field. How do I remove the “discount” field?

I’ve never done it, but it’s complicated. You have to edit the template and create a custom template file, then that has implications for the JS that calculates everything, that would have to be modified too to work without the discount field. There are a couple of posts here if you search that will give you some ideas, but I’ve yet to find a good tutorial on how to do this start to finish.

got it
There’s no easy way out.
thank you!