I cannot see Subpanels

Hi there,

I rebuilds relationship metadata and drops the cache file in admin but now I cannot see the subpanels (Opportunities, Accounts) in contacts, please see picture (clip1).
The relationships are well but still i cannot see it. (clip2)
I don’t know if i create any restriction. i don’t have any security suite group or role management. Please Could you help me?


Another thing that may be worth checking is:

Navigate to Admin > “Display Modules and Subpanels”

In this, Do “Accounts” or “Opportunities” appear in the “Hidden Subpanels” section?

If so, drag it over to “Displayed Subpanels”, and Save.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, have you made any modifications to the Accounts or Opportunities modules?
(Such as modifications around Relationships)

Or, are you able to access the Accounts or Opportunities modules in general?