I can not send mail from my opportunities

Hi, I have a problem with the email of my opportunities.

when I click on an opportunity in the activities section
write mail
my page freezes and does not allow me to write

somebody could help me.

Please read this post


there you will find some basic ideas to troubleshoot (check logs, try demo, etc). Thanks.

Hello, thanks for the publication.
Verify the suiteCRM log files
I found a single error in the suitecrm.log file as follows:

-Wed Sep 19 14:52:21 2018 [13105][d1e214a9-650c-6585-f551-5af4cb6be498][WARN] EmailUI::populateComposeViewFields - $bean is empty
Wed Sep 19 14:52:21 2018 [13105][d1e214a9-650c-6585-f551-5af4cb6be498][WARN] EmailUI does not have email1 field

The problem of not being able to write has only been presented in the opportunities.
Given that in the possible clients in their activities if I can write an email and send it without problems.

The crm suite is a previous installation that worked without problems, recently it was moved from the server.
Check the permissions of the folders that marked the installation guide and there was no problem to execute the repair.

I do not know why in my opportunities in the activiades section it does not allow me to write an email.

Any idea of what the problem might be.

Thank you

Which version of SuiteCRM is this?

Can you try it on the online demo to see if it works there?


The version of suitecrm: Versión 7.9.17

I already tried in the demo version
the option to write email works without problems
the window opens to be able to write

Have you considered upgrading to the latest 7.10.9? The problem seems to be fixed there.

Or you could try to find the issue that resolved this on Github, but it’s easy to get lost there in the middle of so many Issues and PR’s…