HTML TAGS showing on a form description

After upgrading the system to:

Version 7.2.1
Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001)

I am all the HTML tag after saving a new record. If I go back to editing, no HTML code is show. Even when sending e-mails to related user, the HTML code is shown.

Is there anyone who has seen this problem ?

Thank you

Hey Guys, has anyone taken a look to this issue ?

When I run reports it also get the HTML tags out of the report, in a PDF file for example!

I have attached another print!

We encounter the exact same problem. We use the case module from SuiteCRM, but since the update to 7.2 strange HTML tags start to appaer when you save the case. When typing they are not shown, only when saved.

Is there some fix for this?
The quick repairs etc. did not work.
Permissions are OK.

Hi, still in the same position… Can’t display any website in the dashlets, can’t use html code in the CRM to setup pdf documents …

Problem with settings on apache2 for javascript? … New limits for Chrome or Frirefox?

Is there an explanation?

THanks all of us !

Dear Sirs,

After testing, this is just an issue with your navigator Chrome and Firefox (last versions) cause of java script blocking limit.
I’ve just made the tests with Opera and this is working perfectly…

Hope this will help you!

Not true… took it too fast, sorry. I
t was the https server wich prevent to display web in the dashlet…without the right SSL key.

So go back to start and still facing the issur but only in french lang.

For English, spanish and russian, it’s ok… :angry: