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HTML Field Shows Blank Text Field in Detail View

Within the Studio, I have created an HTML field to display static text on one of my module layouts. I have placed the field in both edit view and detail view. And while it works great for edit view, it shows as an empty text field in detail view. See “Priority Information” here in Edit View

And here in Detail View:

I feel like the answer is right under my nose and it’s just been a long day… I looked online and saw this was a bug in some of the earlier versions of SuiteCRM, but the forum posts says it has since been resolved? Does anyone have any tips? Also, if it matters this is not in a custom module. It’s the standard module “Opportunities”

I am using:
SuiteCRM version 7.10.9
Google Chrome version 84

As we’re now on 7.10.27, I’d recommend updating due to all the bug fixes/Security patches/new features:

Whilst it is possible to locate the bug and provide a patch for this type of thing, it is fiddly and time consuming, and may already have been resolved. If you’re still having problems with the latest version, and it turns out to be a bug, then we want it fixing. If it’s a configuration problem, then the resolution process is then of use to everyone, and may have implications for future development.

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I tried this in the latest 7.10.30, and it’s still exhibiting the same behaviour. Looks like a bug to me. thanks!

I’m testing an HTML field in version 7.11.22, and I confirm exactly the same issue.
The content set for the HTML field is seen in the Edit View, while it is blank in the Detail View.
I’m asking myself: is this the desired behavior?

I’m on 7.10.33 and confirm this happens to me too. HTML field shows in edit view but not in detal view.