How to view Autit Log for Meetings?

In SuiteCRM 7.11.2 I am trying to view the Audit Log for Meetings. I verified that the “Audit” box is checked on several fields, but in the “Actions” dropdown “View Change Log” is not an option.

I suspect I’m doing something wrong. How can I properly see the Audit log for the Meetings module?

It probably should be there in the detail view :huh:

You can always try the Reports module, selecting data from “trackers”.

Exactly what is “there” in your sentence? Maybe I am not in the right place and do not understand where “there” is?

You wrote in your first post

and you are correct, that’s where it usually is, and I suppose you do find it there for other modules.

I also don’t see it in my installation in the Meetings module. I think it was overlooked, maybe the button just needs to be created but nobody ever asked for it. Normally people use the Meetings module through the calendar view, I guess.

But I did verify that the information is getting recorded in “tracker” table in the database.