How to use Virtual Directory to access sharefolder on Server

I would like to have my intranet user PC to access the server shared folder in Chrome browser.

The reason I am doing this is I create iframe field for accessing website in the detail view (just like you can open web link inside application without leaving your mobile app on phone.)

So I am thinking, can I open the shared folder located on the server (I can copy and paste the link in Chrome to open it)

But when I tried simply put “file://” in the iframe source, it does not work.

I googled and found the Virtual Directory might be a solution, but it seems that “Virtual Link Alias” only work on the server where the shared folder physically located. (Open the Alias from the server chrome browser)

My question is how to allow other client PC in my local LAN accessing the server shared folder by using Virtual Directory or what would you suggest?

Ok, I solved this by enabling the directory browsing in the IIS manager