How to use data from "assigned to" for another field, like "referred by"

Version 7.6.6

Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061)

I am very new to SuiteCRM. My installation has “assigned to” in Accounts and Contacts (are these modules? I don’t really know). Anyway, the “assigned to” will have a text field, with a blue arrow to the right of it, and a blue X icon to the right of the blue arrow. When you click the blue arrow, a window pops up that lets you select an employee name.

I want to replicate this, but with a custom field called “referred by”. In studio, I finally learned how to create custom fields, and how to apply the custom field using Layout. I made “referred by” a dropdown list, but in the list options I don’t see any data group that remotely resembles employee_names or user_names. I don’t think “assigned to” is even a dropdown list, anyway.

So how do I replicate the functionality and username data for a custom “referred by” field the same way it is for “assigned to”?


Create the “referred by” field with Data Type “Relate” and further below select the module “Employees”. This will create the same field as the assigned-to field (with the cross and the arrow)

Please note the subtle differences between the modules “Employees” and “Users”: The module “Employees” lists all Users (people with login access to SuiteCRM) plus employees without login access, i.e. Users is a subset of Employees.

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