how to update drop down list using concatenate value

Hi Everyone,

Re: SuiteCRM CE 7.6.3 (Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061)

Kindly provide solution on following case !

CASE : campaign module
concatinate value update in dropdown after save it should be in details / edit view

Need to create concatenation drop down field using some field in campaign module using following standard fields

if . end user input the value like following slandered field
Campaign Name :
Status : < status is standard drop down value>
Start Date :
Tracker :

Eg -

Output should be -

after save it apppers in dropdown value

plz help me on this


1.To select that the cell A2.
2.To go for tab “data”
3.To click that the “Data validation”. To click that the button.
4.Go to tab and click the “setting”.
5.To select list for the allow:field.
6.To type in source : field : =uniquestorenumber.
7.Finally click ok.

Where ? in Edit View Or Details View