How to Track untouched activity in crm

Hello All,

I want to track, which details in respective modules have not been touched, modified or edited.

Can someone help?


  1. You can try using the Audit mechanism, but you should keep it limited to just a few critical fields, not all:
  • set fields as “Audited” in Studio / Fields
  • see results in “View summary” in detail views
  • check the [module]_audit tables in the database if you need more detail
  1. Alternatively you can just see things in record-level (not field level) in tracker database table. you can try extending that mechanism to fit your needs.

  2. A third idea is to develop your own code. I would do something like create an entire “shadow” table with the original copies of the records so you can compare when needed.

    Have a look at this code that compares two beans generically and lists any changes:

Actually i want to track those activity which is not touched by users…is that possible

Possible, sure! Everything is possible if the entire codebase is open.

You’re going to have to do some custom code, you know that, don’t you?

So once you get SuiteCRM to collect the data using one of the suggested approaches, you can figure out the queries you need.


How i can make a report of account module in which we can see that this record has not been touched from this date for this i created report of tracker module but it is not telling it is updated or deleted or added so how we can achieve that?


Something like this:

Add your own Conditions to narrow it down by module and by Action.


Yes i did like this exactly but the problem is i want to know that last time record has been updated deleted or added.


Well, I don’t know. The information available is there in front of you - either it is enough for your needs or not… maybe you can use this information in conjunction with the Audit information, and get what you want.

If not, you’ll have to think about adding some bit of customization to the code.