How to start WorkFlow then Line Items was changed?

Hi, Forum!

I have created workflow that starts after Quote with Line Items created, but then I trying to create a workflow, that must starts then Line Items in Quote are changed, nothing is happening :frowning: Process audit is still empty.

Here is the settings of the workflow:

WorkFlow Module: Line Items
Status: Active
Run: Always
Run On: Modified Records
with no conditions

I don’t know what to do, please help!

Hi, welcome!

First I would start by checking whether the problem is only in your system, can you try it on the online demo?

It it also doesn’t work there, please open an issue on SuiteCRM’s GitHub with this.

If you can do some simple PHP coding, you could achieve these things (with more control) with an after_save logic hook.

Thank you for reply

Online demo have the same behavior.

Issue opened on GitHub

Well, I’ll try to achive these things as you points

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