How to solve the Query in Repair and Rebuild Section of Suite CRM

I am trying to repair and rebuild and it shows the following query

/* Table : aos_products_quotes */
/*MISMATCH WITH DATABASE - amount_calculated -  ROW [name] => 'amount_calculated'  [type] => 'float'  [len] => ''  */
/* VARDEF - amount_calculated -  ROW[name] => 'amount_calculated'  [vname] => 'Other Amount'  [type] => 'float'  [len] => '11'  

[size] => '20'  [audited] => ''  [required] => ''  [comment] => 'Other Amount'  [dbType] => 'float'  */
ALTER TABLE aos_products_quotes   modify COLUMN amount_calculated float(11)  NULL ;
/* Table : aos_quotes */
/*MISMATCH WITH DATABASE - amount_calculated -  ROW [name] => 'amount_calculated'  [type] => 'float'  [len] => ''  */
/* VARDEF - amount_calculated -  ROW[name] => 'amount_calculated'  [vname] => 'Amount'  [type] => 'float'  [len] => '11'  [size] 

=> '20'  [audited] => ''  [required] => ''  [comment] => 'Amount'  [dbType] => 'float'  */
ALTER TABLE aos_quotes   modify COLUMN amount_calculated float(11)  NULL ;
/* Table : ab123_servicecost */
/* MISSING TABLE: ab123_servicecost */
CREATE TABLE ab123_servicecost (id char(36)  NOT NULL ,name varchar(255)  NULL ,date_entered datetime  NULL 

,date_modified datetime  NULL ,modified_user_id char(36)  NULL ,created_by char(36)  NULL ,description text  NULL ,deleted 

bool  DEFAULT '0' NULL ,assigned_user_id char(36)  NULL  , PRIMARY KEY (id)) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

Please help me to solve this query

Normally the Quick Repair and Rebuild, when it detects that the database structure needs to be updated, offers a button to do that for you. So normally you would just press a button and it would fix everything, you shouldn’t have to run the query yourself.

I have to click the Execute Button but Still, Query is shown after clicking on Repair and Rebuild

What is your version of SuiteCRM?

What happened when this started happening, were you upgrading?

Finally, please check your logs for any ERROR or FATAL messages at the time you run the QR&R:


Suite CRM Version 7.9.2

Yes. I have Created Some Customization in quotes modules also we have created the Custom Module Service Cost which is Not Showing In Menus

But when I am loading the URL of service cost module It shows the edit view but when I am creating the records the detail view is showing the Blank Page

Your logs are surely full of good clues, go ahead and look at them.

Thank You for help

I will Check the Suite CRM logs and will let you know if any issue

Checked the Logs of Sugar CRM. I have No clues

I have Created the Service Cost Module from module builder and this Module is Showing in Studio, Roles, Display Module and Subpanels, Module Loader

But it’s Not showing in Menus.

there are lots Modules in Menus as we Created near about 50 Custom Modules in CRM

Can You Please Help Me to Solve this Issue

50 custom modules? :ohmy:

That is most unusual and you might be hitting some limit of the infrastructure.

But the main thing is this: you really need to question your database design approach. I don’t think multiplying modules is the way to go. It is very likely that these modules have lots of repetition in them and you should be abstracting, using higher level concepts in a few custom modules, and differentiating your data in a different way.