How to setup related field subquery and search filter subquery

Dear all, I have difficulties with setup field to relate module custom field and search subquery. Here is what I have:

  1. Account custom field accounts_cstm.funded_c
  2. Custom module Transactions with related field for accounts_cstm.funded_c
  3. Need to show on the Dashlet
  4. Need to add to search Criterias
  5. Need to filter Transactions by this field.

Please help!

Hey there,

Are you still having issues?

Sorry, i’m not 100% clear on what it is you want here, is it something like:

A new relate field, “funded_c”, that links an Account to a Transaction record
Then, you want to search/view on this field? (if so, on which modules/views?)

Do you want steps on how to create the Relationship, or something else?

Sorry for confusing notes.
In the module Accounts I have custom field funded_c.
And a custom module Transaction with relation to Account (many-to-one - so it has account_id field).
I need to show funded_c column in the Transaction dashlet and let filtering the list by that field.

Hey there,

Thanks for clarifying!

hmmm, I don’t think you’re able to see another module’s field on a Dashlet, Out of the box
(ie: Seeing an Account Field on a Transaction Homepage Dashlet)

The two closest solutions that come to mind would be:

  • Create a new field on the Transaction Module

From this, you could create a Workflow or Logic Hook to populate this new field with the Account’s “funded_c” value, when the Account is related to the Transaction

Then, as you now have a field on Transaction with the same value, you could display this on the Dashlet


  • Create a custom dashlet

Some links for this, if you’d like to take this path:

I haven’t done this myself, but I imagine this will be notably harder
However, you’d have total control over the dashlet’s content

Hi @hTonus,

  • Could you specify what this field funded_c is ?
    It is a link to your custom module Transactions or another field?
    If it’s another field, what type is it?
  • What exactly do you want to show on the dashlet of pressumably Transactions?
  • Is funded_c the only field you need to display in Transactions or do you also need to display other fields of the module Accounts in Transactions?