How to setup a meeting on a specific date?

OK, we just got suiteCRM installed and working on our system.

I received my account authorization email and logged in.

  1. I tried to setup a meeting but I don’t see a way to set a specific date for the meeting. Choices are something like yesterday, today, tomorrow, Next 7 Days, etc. How can I set a meeting for a specific date and time… and set a reminder?

2 ) Also, the meeting does not show up on my dashboard. I can click the pencil by “Meetings” and up comes the data entry panel for the meeting…so the system saved it… but not visible unless I set the “Start Date” to “Today”
How can I change the “visibility” of “meetings” or other topics to be "show me the next 4 days or 10 days or month or whateverr?

Thanks for any help.

Did you follow this guide?

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What version have you installed? Are you sure that your installations was done correctly? Did you set permissions correctly?

In my instance I can set a precise date and time for the meeting, while for the reminder I only have a list of options as you described.

I glanced at the UserGuide “Meetings” section of the help file as referenced by mikebeck and just before the “Meetings” section I spotted the “Calendar” section…

From the Dashboard I clicked on…

  • Activities
  • Calendar
  • Schedule Meeting

Alternately I discovered from the Dashboard click on…

  • Activities
  • Meetings
  • Schedule Meeting

Either seem to allow me to schedule a meeting on a specific date.

I’m not sure how I was trying to create the meeting before but I think I was doing it directly from the Dashboard… regardless… problem solved I think.

Thanks mikebeck & amariussi for responding to my post… and fyo we are using
Version 7.7.8
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509

Can you post a screen shot of your system? or at least confirm if it looks like the demo page

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