How to set up print feature in SuiteCRM

I would like to how to add the print icon in suitecrm; like how it is in SugarCRM. How can I this, just to allow for the user to do a print. At the moment if I right click and it gibberish for the relationship fields.

Sorry, I don’t know how it is in SugarCRM…

Which view are you trying to print?

Would it be better to make a Report in the Reports module?

The user would like to print the case module; the detail view.

I see. Printing that from the browser seems to have all the information except the subpanels.

See if you can get something to look good from the reports module. If not, I think you need to create a custom entry-point to lay out the information your user requires for printing. It’s simple, but it’s a code customization…

It has the information but the relationship fields shows gibberish. Could you assist with the custom code, please?

Can you share a screenshot (here, for example: ) ? I don’t see any gibberish and I wonder if something in your screens is broken.

The custom code could be a custom entry-point:

Inside that, you access the database with SQL and dump good-looking HTML onto the screen, something straight-forward enough for the browser to print adequately. The advantage is that you can tailor it to what your user really wants.

Here’s a link to what the case looks like when it is printed

I don’t get that on my Firefox.

Which browser are you using?

Can you try a different browser, just to see if it is the same?

In the browser that doesn’t display well, do you get any Javascript errors in your browser’s developer console?

No I don’t get any. I’m not sure why you don’t get that on firefox and it is working for me.

Sorry, I can’t exactly make out the answers to my all questions from your brief answer…

I understand you don’t see Javascript errors, but the rest? Thanks

i’m using firefox and I’ve tried other browsers and is the samething. Where action=ajax is the part I’m talking about; I’m sure if it because it is a relationship field.

Please try a few Repairs from Admin / Repairs:

  • QR&R
  • relationships
  • anything Javascript related

On the first post you wrote “At the moment if I right click and it gibberish for the relationship fields.”

What do you mean you right-click? Then select what?

Do you see the broken bits immediately when you enter the detail view, or after doing something else? What? (maybe selecting print preview?)

Sorry I meant to say when I right click then click print, it shows the ‘gibberish’, but in the details that is not shown only when it is being printed. And it is also shown in the print preview; even after the repair

I could reproduce this now. It’s the “print” stylesheet (thus only visible on “Print Preview” or “Print”) that has a “feature” to display the links. So the Account is a link and it shows you the Account name, and also what that links to (which is computer talk and human “gibberish” :stuck_out_tongue: )

I will open an issue on Github to ask for this to be improved. It is related to a previous issue (


Create a Bookmarklet to sanitize the page before printing.

In Firefox, make a new bookmark (you can put it in the toolbar on top) and call it for example “Prepare to Print” and make the address (or Location) like this:

javascript:(function(){r='@media print{a[href]:after {display:none !important}}'; var s=document.createElement('style'); s.appendChild(document.createTextNode(r)); document.body.appendChild(s); })();

Once you are in the page you want to print, pressing that should fix it.

EDIT: I opened a new Issue for this:

I’m not sure if I understand properly what it is that I should be doing

If you want to try the work around, in Firefox

  • click Bookmarks menu

  • in that menu, you want to create a new bookmark, you can right-click any folder or any toolbar and select “New bookmark”

  • give it a name like “Prepare to Print”

  • in the “Location” box, paste that ugly code I gave earlier

Now your bookmark is created. It is called a “bookmarklet” because it contains an action to be applied on the page you are visiting, when you select that bookmark.


  • go to the page you want to print in SuiteCRM
  • select the bookmarklet. You won’t see anything happen, but…
  • now select print and it will not contain any links

I hope this helps

Ok that I got that to work but what about a long term fix for other users?

For that, follow the Issue I opened (link is above).

Thanks for reporting.