how to set up for non-profit

I volunteer at our church food pantry. I was asked to create a access database to keep track of the client data, when they come in, etc. Trying to keep track of the clients, making sure they only come in once a month. and that they are not registered under multiple names.

I just thought about this and thought that SuiteCRM would be a good tool for them. accounts would be the clients and the invoices would be their orders when then come in… etc.

does suiteCRM work with mySQL? The food pantry doesn’t have money to pay for a application like this. so i am trying to figure out what all the parts that need to set up SuiteCRM. I know they have a file server. and tomorrow i will ask more questions about how our church website is hosted.

any help would be welcomed. everything is hard copy right now and want to help them set up a good system.

Hi there,

Yes, SuiteCRM runs on MySQL & MSSQL.

To run successfully, SuiteCRM requires an apache/windows web server, PHP, MySQL/MSSQL, IMAP & CURL. There are many settings such as php.ini settings, correct permissions and setting up cron jobs and more(some of which you may not need to worry about for your implementation).

It may help looking at our documentation.



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Hi Will,

I’m trying to find out if anyone has used SuiteCRM for a nonprofit, or if you know whether it would be possible.

Thank you for your time!

Hi AMartin,

Yes, you can use SuiteCRM for nonprofit, SME, large enterprises etc.

What are your specific needs?



Hi Will,

Thank you for your quick reply, I’m grateful. The type of nonprofit I’m interested in using SuiteCRM is for a large Church. SuiteCRM would have to handle different membership levels and donations. Would you happen to know if SuiteCRM can handle this, or would it need to be modified heavily?

Also, would you happen to know of any Church’s that have used or are using SuiteCRM ?

Thank you again for taking your time to answer this,


It is advisable to use it. Clubs uses it to manage their memberships. The Church can effectively manage it.

You can create modules, establish relationship, manage view via studio. So heavy modification will not required.
Modification will require for very specific tasks like online donation, sending reminder for membership fees on specific interval,
any functionality specific to membership type.

You can contact me via my website for professional help.


Thank you Will and Simbasys for your help with answering this question. I’m very grateful for this information!