How to set pagination at subpanel list

Hi guys.

We have at Accounts > Contacts 135 entrees, or at Accounts > Jobs above 500 entries. System showing all this field at one long list and pagination not working. No it’s working, but show like we have 1 page… How I can change It, for example 25 entries per page, if it’s possible?

Thanks for any help.

Can you please tell us which version of SuiteCRM you are using?

Are you talking about Accounts module Subpanels means Contacts and Jobs are Subpanel of Accounts Module?

Also can you confirm, did you customise in your SuiteCRM for the Subpanel?

It’s version 7.11.19

I think it’s not exactly subpanel because when I go to Accounts and select any account and bookmarks on a top, you can see at the picture I have selected Contacts. At this point I have all records like one long -long list. At subpanels if I select any subpanel like Jobs, Contacts etc. all working perfectly without issues.

I’m sure it’s customized but not sure what exactly. I’m new with sugarcrm / suitecrm and try learn about this system, but firs need fix all this issues which I inherited …

As per review of the screenshot, you customized the Tab/Panel of Accounts Module. You’ve added Contacts as a Tab/Panel in Accounts Module not an Subpanel and display all records of contacts in that Tab/Panel.

To Review your issue, we need your CRM’s more details, let me know if we are able to do so.