How to send a quote?

This may have already been posted but its not showing up on my end after submitting.

Hello. Im sorry if this is a stupid question. I’m just starting out using this system and I’m finding the whole thing to be terribly counterintuitive and hard to look at. But this is the only affordable and more important self hosted option I can find.

I’m trying to send a quote and later an invoice. I’ve read through the documentation several times, searched these forums, and googled it. The documentation has a nice little picture with “Print as PDF, Email PDF, Email Quotation” listed and highlighted. This looks nothing like my system. In fact I can’t find those options anywhere in any menu, sub menu, or page. I can’t find a setting that disabled it. Forums, Google, and Youtube have been no help. What am I missing here?

Attached is a screenshot of the quote page. Shouldn’t there be those options listed somewhere?

Other problems/questions I’m having:

  1. Im getting an error with email templates…
    ERROR CONNECTING to: ./index.php?entryPoint=json_server, ERROR:SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: Unexpected identifier “Bad”

  2. Can I add profile pics to contacts and companies?

  3. How can I incorporate a paypal button into an invoice?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi there,

1.) The options you require are in the menu next to the edit button. Click the small arrow next to the edit button and you will receive the options required.
2.) It is not yet functionality to be able to add profile pictures.
3.) There are many tutorials online on how to add paypal payment buttons. You can use the TinyMCE editor to edit the HTML of the template.