How to retrieve Link fields in Java soap web service?


I created an account under Accounts module and linked a module to the account. But I have problem to retrieve the linked information by the account. I am using java soap web service call to retrieve this information. Could someone please give me some examples of how to retrieve link field information?

Below is the code I tried to use and it returned nothing.


Get_entry_result_version2 result = binding.get_entry(sessionID, “Accounts”, null, null,
null, true);

		Link_list2[] linklist = result.getRelationship_list();
		for(Link_list2 ll : linklist)
			Link_name_value[] ln = ll.getLink_list();
			for(Link_name_value lnv : ln)
				System.out.println("linklist name: "+lnv.getName()+" linklist value: "+lnv.getRecords());

Hi Shawn,

Have you looked at the SugarCRM documentation for the SOAP/REST API’s? That may help.