How to restore old backup?

I have this file and wonder how to restore this ?

I have Local (Bitnami) SuiteCRM 7.6.4.

SuiteCRM …Date.24/5/2017… file… 368.123 KB

It is not a zip file.


How did you create this backup?

When you say it is not a zip file, do you simply mean it does not have zip extension, or did you actually try and open it with zip and see if it worked?

I did via Admin/Backup and placed it in a c:\Backup\Suitecrm-27NOV file.
The file is indicated as “file” not ZIP extension, as my other programs do have the backups
All my WinRar files are marked as “colored three book stapled”
The SuiteCRM backup does not have the Winrar sign.

Hope this is more clear. Thanks, William

Yeah, well try giving it a “zip” extension, Windows will start showing it as a WinRar file with the usual look. Then open it to see if it opens ok. In that case, then it IS a zip file.

I saved the standard file as a Zip /WinRar file.

So having that what to do, I can unpack it and then what…?

I have my files under c:\Butnami\SuiteCRM 7.6.4 etc.

I have a backup up of my present SuiteCRM on my D Drive.

Let me know and thanks sofar !

That zip simply contains all the files in your installation.

There isn’t really a one-step restore process, it’s more manual than that. But it’s basically copying the files back to where they were.

And do you have a database backup, or only this single backup file? You need it if you need to bring your data back…

Here is a tutorial for restoring:

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