How to Resolve Upgrade Issues

I just migrated to SuiteCRM from an old desktop platform. The tool I used to migrate data was written to work with Sugar, so my solution was to migrate into SuiteCRM 7.0.1 then do several rounds of upgrades to get to the current version (7.9).

There was apparently a few hiccups in the upgrade process. Initially it looked like it was just Theme issues, so I used an FTP client to delete and replace those files. However I’m now running into a few other bugs that make me question if I have a bigger problem.

What’s the best way to troubleshoot this?

What directories/files are (or aren’t) safe to just replace with an FTP client?

If I’m missing fields in the DB (which I’m about to check for) what’s the best way to fix that?

Thanks in advance for your help,

To add, in searching the forum for answers I have performed an Admin-> Repair-> Quick Repair and Rebuild as well as a Rebuild Config File. If there are others steps I should take, your help is appreciated.


7.0.x -> 7.8.x … it’s a big upgrade. (7.9 is a little too new)
For me, the best way is :

  • Install a new fresh install. 7.8.x
  • i will say, not copy custom folder… and make repair, because suitecrm has removed many file from custom and put to core in version 7.4 (!?).

and import by “sql” all data but not all tables.

Have you many customisation ?

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so you can import the 7.9 content into 7.8 by importing the data and not the tables?

How does one do that?