how to reorganize the Elements menu +


I wanted personalized menu submenu +, but I do not know how


That menu is in


if you copy this file to


then you can edit the file to add/remove/edit menu items.


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I want to add my own module to the list, but it does not work,

In what way doesn’t it work? If you are using a new label (such as LBL_QUICK_MEETING) you will need to add to $app_strings.

where is the $ app_strings ?

You can add a file in


and define the label:

$app_strings['LBL_QUICK_MEETING'] = 'Label for adding meeting';
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thank you very much JIM , it works :smiley:

and on the other under the profile menu, how can I customize?

If you are simply adding items you can probably put them before the line:

<li><a id="logout_link" href='{$LOGOUT_LINK}' class='utilsLink'>{$LOGOUT_LABEL}</a></li>

in the same file.

Alternatively to edit/remove items you’ll need to make a custom version of


in the same manner as the above.

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