How to remove the Security Suite from suiteCRM Max?

Hi all,

I’m have been using suiteCRM for a while, and We really don’t use the Security Suite. I want to remove the module. I’m using suiteCRM Max. How does one do that?

Part of the reason I want to remove it, is that it just gets in the way for a small company of 10 to 15 users.

Could you not just delete all the security groups and change the settings so it is effectively disabled? If you try to remove it manually you will probably just end up breaking your Suite Installation.

If you insist on removing it I would speak to Jason Eggars about it.

Thanks. I have done that, I deleted all the groups, and I think I disabled the module, but It still puts erroneous security group stuff on the screen that’s unnecessary. I could add custom theme code to hide it, but I was hoping there might be an easier way.

Later, I’ll post a screenshot to demonstrate.

In your roles you can disable Security Groups and under Admin go to the modules/tabs display pages and remove it. That should effectively hide it.

How to remove the Security Groups Mass Assign ?

There are some SecuritySuite hooks in /custom/modules/logic_hooks.php. Comment out those hooks in that file by putting “//” at the beginning of any SecuritySuite hook in that file and save. This will solve that issue.

go to custom/modules/logic_hooks.php. and commen it

$hook_array[‘after_ui_frame’][] = Array(20, ‘mass_assign’, ‘modules/SecurityGroups/AssignGroups.php’,‘AssignGroups’, ‘mass_assign’);
$hook_array[‘after_ui_footer’][] = Array(10, ‘popup_onload’, ‘modules/SecurityGroups/AssignGroups.php’,‘AssignGroups’, ‘popup_onload’);

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