How to remove some fields in the advanced tab?

I would like to do three things, remove some fields of advanced tab of users, remove the Create button to non-admins and hide the External Accounts tab.
Someone can help me?

Thank you

Hello, I can’t help with the External Tab but maybe this can help you with the layout and Create (although not smooth)

Layout, go to System Setting and see if either both of the layout options work for you.

Create, Using Roles, in Admin, create a Role for your users and then set the EDIT to None - unfortunately, this doesn’t remove the CREATE button but when the user clicks it they get an error and a redirect, which actually didn’t work when I did it.

  • there is no CREATE to enable/disable, which I think would be less confusing and smoother that the redirect/refresh logic

Hope that helps a bit - attachments. :cheer: