How to remove shortcut for create module record(+ button) from top panel

How can I remove the + button on the right top corner of the top panel(Header) which acts as a shortcut to create records for different modules.
PFA for reference.
Please Help

If not remove… Even disabling will also work… Please suggest


This is not a proper solution, only a workaround, and it is not upgrade safe.

You can go to /themes/Suite7/tpls/_globalLinks.tpl and edit the code in

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    Hi Sid,

    Thanks for the help. The workaround worked. :slight_smile:
    Could you please help me in removing the top left corner tab as well which displays the current working module it’s actions and recently viewed.
    PFA for reference

    Can’t help in that :slight_smile:

    I guess you can do that using the css too. Also there is a tracker table in the database, see if you can delete the entries in there and check if the recently viewed disappears (never tried that only guessing).