How to remove default value 'http://' from all url fields in editView?

Accounts, Products or Custom Fields with URL type has a default value ‘http://’ in editView, but in Studio those fields has nothing as default.
How make this behaviour consistent?

It seems type URL field have hardcoded value if field is empty that put prefilled value as ‘http://’
So you need to override the field type of Link (Strange, but it is using Link templates instead of URL)
but the below solution works for me
Copy file include/SugarFields/Fields/Link/ to custom/include/SugarFields/Fields/Link/
and then change EditView.tpl as needed.

Do quick repair & Rebuild and you are done!

Thanks! That is exactly that I need.
I made that with URL type before without results.

Can you please mark this as solved?

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