How to remove "Advance" "Access" tab and "Create" button in the User Module?


I just wonder how to remove “Advance” “Access” tab and “Create” button in the User Module for a non-Admin account?
I attached a screen shot. Please let me know. Thank you in advance!


the non-admin user will definitely not have Create button, but for the rest of tabs take a look at this file modules/Users/UserViewHelper.php

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Thank you Mikebeck!

However, I am very positive that the user “Sky Net” is not admin.

Could you please also show me to way how to confirm “Sky Net” is non-Admin? Just in case.


The button create you’re seeing it because you’re admin, non admin users, logged in to the sytem and in their users menu won’t see any Create button

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I cannot find the “advance” and “access” in the “UserViewHelper.php”

However, I did use the “View Page Source” in firefox. I think all I can find are the codes as follows

Do you have any idea where I can change them?