How to remove additional text from suitecrm footer and keep poweredby etc


I have been playing with suitecrm for a month now and find it very interesting.

I made a ‘quick repair and rebuild’ and all file permissions changed to 644, this caused major UI issues. I updated the permissions to 755.

Now I have a lot of text about suitecrm licence on the footer of each page, beneath the ‘powered by’ etc.

It looks like its pulling long text from supercharged by and the powered by icons. What can I do to fix this?

Many thanks

Hey everyone, I managed to get rid of the excessive data and keep the ‘powered by’ and ‘Supercharged by’ logos and links by deleting this part of the code in the template’s footer.tpl





As a result I only get this (See attached pic) Thanks anyhow.


I am facing almost an issue with footer section, i would appreciate if you give a hand and guide me.
if ok, Kindly let me know best way to get in touch with you ?


While it is neat and such, it will certainly be removed during each upgrade unless you are using a custom theme. So the cost/benefit is in place. while it might be nice it may not be worth your effort of having to replace your code back every time you upgrade? :thinking:

hi how can i edit on footer text please guide with file name

wher is the file locatoin
i have checked in template folder footer.tpi is available but its blank