How to relate opportunity to contact?


I am customizing SuiteCRM to B2C. I have hide all Account fields and disabled the requirements across the system. Now I need to relate the opportunity to contact. I would like to create Contact name field in opportunity edit view (basically replacing the old Account name field to Contact name field). I have created a “relate” type field to contact in opportunity module in studio but it doesn’t really relate them.

Please help.



This sounds like you are using the relate field rather than a relationship of 1 to many.

The relate field works as a one way relationship. it will link the opportunity to the contact but not the other way round.


Hi Ian,

So I created a custom One to Many relationship between Contacts (Primary module) and Opportunities (Related module). I would like to have a contact field in Opportunities detail & edit views, so user can assign the opportunity to related contact when creating opportunity from Opportunity page. Pretty much similar to Account field in Opportunity page, so to speak I would like to replace the Account field to contact field in the Opportunity page.

Can you show me how to do this?

Thank you so much.


Have you run Quick Repair & Rebuild after creating the relationship?
You should get the field and a subpanel under Contact with the related opportunities

This sounds like you have setup the relationship and need to add the field into the view of correct module. I would also recommend doing a repair and rebuild and make sure that all the permissions and ownerships are set correctly.

you can find more information about the permissions and ownerships within the forums