How to prevent users to edit their profile

Is there a way to prevent users to edit their profiles in Suitecrm 8?
I don’t want that users or employees can edit the most entries of their profile.

Thanks in advance

Is there any idea to this issue? :slight_smile:

If there is no solution I have another question.

I added additional fields to the profiles and I want to protect this fields to be edited by the user. How can I manage this?

All critical information is added on a extra panel. Can I protect this panel?

Would it be enough to remove these fields from the EditView and only place them in the DetailView? Thats usually the “easiest” way to protect fields from users. Anything else would require some codework, or external addons that allow to manage field permissions (there is something in the store for that :slight_smile: ).

Also, disable in-line edit for the field, or they will be able to edit the field in DetailView (I think?).

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Thank you very much. This works perfect.

Another option is to limit the field to a readonly for anyone who is not admin. This is done in an override of the editviewdefs.php file

 'name' => 'status',
            'customCode' => '{if $IS_ADMIN}@@FIELD@@{else}{$STATUS_READONLY}{/if}',
            'displayParams' =>