How to modify Meeting Email Invites and Reminders

I’d like to change the default Meeting email invites and reminders that are sent to customers.

It looks like you can’t do it via email templates. I change something called “Event Email Template” in Email-Templates, but that looks like it’s just for events.

I’ve done a look through the files (looking for “reminder” via regex but can’t find it.

Where can I edit these messages?


I found the file. You need to edit the code.

Copy the file :


to :


and copy the content there via a text editor - it will be between things like

The result is a little bare-bones.

I imagine there is a master template somewhere that loads the various bits of content in this file. I’d like to tweak that to make it look a bit more like our standard emails.

Any idea where that template would be?


I think you got it right. Unfortunately some email templates are still hard coded in different files. You need to find them and modify it manually. Just as you did.



Yes, I know that, just wondering if anyone knew WHICH file it was.

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