How to mark calls with tags?

I have question:

  • Suppose I want to mark all calls in some project/campaigns with some tag. Suppose this is “call in project VBC”. Sure, I personel can use subject field but one person will write "“call in project VBC”, second "“call VBC project”, another “VBC project call”… and other typos.
    Possible to define subject to choose from?

  • How to make report after how many calls where made in this project and who to whom was calling?

There are many ways to design this. You can add a custom field (dropdown) with a pre-set list of options.

Or you can relate each call to another custom module, and have a bunch of records there listing the tags.

Finally, you might be happy with buying this addon called TagMe which works for all modules in SuiteCRM and is extremely useful:

So the answer is “there is no way to achieve this”. I do not know what’s inside heads these all people creating “CRMs”. Tagging activites is the ABC of CRM. Field “subject” gives NOTHING. If software has no such option - this is just crap.

Yes, this particular software won’t work exactly like you think it should out-of-the-box. That’s why it’s CONFIGURABLE and HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE and EXTENSIBLE with add-ons.

And it’s FREE, you didn’t pay for it.

Please, please, use another software and don’t bother us with your childish rants. I’m sure you can develop the perfect CRM in a few minutes. Don’t forget to give it away after you do.

If someone is interested in making a tags module for SuiteCRM you can use CapsuleCRM as a model.
I am currently using it and it has a very interesting interface as you can see in this picture