How to make system repair and rebuild from


I wrote die(); on the PHP file and clicked on the rebuild and I can’t log in now on site,

can I make the repair from centos with ssh or something

Hi @Vajexa,

Well… Yes… that would be the expected result :grinning: , can you not just remove the die(); function via the same method you added it?

:smiley: yes I removed die(); from the code but now I need to make a rebuild and repair form project but I can’t log in on-site

Aw gotcha, you can run ./vendor/bin/robo repair:database

From the command line (Make sure you have dev composer packages installed)

i just run ./vendor/bin/robo repair:database this code in project
but still nothing ((

u can also check https://******.info

Hmm, where about was the die function put in the first place?

In metadata project file . (( please help

Could you give the exact file location please :+1:

But i already deleted it

Can i contact with u somewhere to help with this problem ?

I need it for tomorrow ((

That file gets pulled by the QR&R and goes into somewhere under


Find the “compiled” file, remove the die from there, and your system should be up and running