How to make Dropdown list read only for normal users - SuiteCRM 7.6.6


I want to restrict the normal users to access/ change the status of the application (Type : Application type) in suitecrm. How to achieve this?


anything permission wise should be configurable, if normal users are assigned to security groups/roles you can change access through that

Hi Cameron,

How could we restrict users to access particular fields based on security groups/roles configuration ?

Could you please elaborate the way.


the security groups and roles are more there to restrict access to modules and actions like import or accessing work flows etc

You can access all this by going on Admin > Role management > Create Role then create the role with the name you could like once you save the role a table will appear where you can decide what they get access to

We have the same scenario

I want all users in groups and roles to have access, view and edit an account

I have specific fields inside Accounts that I would want GroupA to be “Read Only”

The same fields for GroupB to be Editable

Are there any plugins or anything that support this?

Thanks again

I have seen this free plugin from Biztech for SugarCRM, contacting them to confirm if this is will be available for SuiteCRM