How to link fields from different modules ?

Hi everyone,

How to link different fields from different modules ? does it need editing the php files or the GUI is enough ?

thank you all in advance.

You can add relate fields from Studio to any module.
Check this tutorial (Is from Sugar but process is the same on SuiteCRM)

More information on fields here:



Hi, welcome.

Maybe you can explain better what sort of “linking” of fields you have in mind? I’m not sure I understand what you mean, sorry.

Alright, what I mean is I want to insert a field from one module into another module.

is it possible to insert multiple fields from one module into the other ?

When the you want the “insert” to happen?

Is it when you save one record, you want to copy some values from there to a related record? This could be done with a Workflow.

Alright. so let’s say I have a module that lists all information about an account, and I want to link this module to the contacts module so that:

  • I can choose which contact is related to this account

  • when I choose the contact, their mobile number is filled in automatically in a field.

thank you very much

That sort of link is front-end (UI). Workflows and logic hooks run in the back-end, they affect the records in the database, but these changes don’t reflect on the screen immediately, only when you reload.

So what you’re talking about here aare simple Javascript customizations. Having a field to select an Account can be made with a Relate field, or similar, but then reacting to that choice and grabbing the mobile number needs to be done with some Javascript, I think.

This is all simple stuff for developers familiar with SuiteCRM, but it can be a bit complicated for those less familiar.

Maybe someone knows a way to achieve this just from the vardefs, with a dropdown or something?