How to link "contact" with a custom module ?

Hello there :slight_smile:
I just made my very own first custom module .
It’s working correctly.

Now I can’t find how to link any event made in this module with a contact .
There is only the choice “assigned to” with users … and nothing with contacts.

Can anyone help me ?

Greeting :slight_smile:

You need to create a Relationship between the two modules in Studio.

Google it, there are some pages explaining it (remember SugarCRM up to v6.5 is very similar to SuiteCRM for these kinds of things).

Hello pgf,
Thanks for your information.

I have made the follwing :

a8_suivisupport_contacts - MyCustomModule - Many to Many - Contacts

But if just display the contacts module under MyCustomModule.

Like there is the “assigned to (user)” link, I need a “linked to (contact)” , where the user will be able to link the data in MyCustomModule to any contact.

Does that sound clear ?

I found this :

Now it’s ok :slight_smile:
thanks ^^

When it displays the Contacts under your custom module, use the buttons in the subpanel to either

  • “Create” (create a new contact and link it to your module at the same time)
  • or “Select” (link a pre-existing contact to your module) - this is more commonly used

Doing it in a similar way to “Assign to” is more complicated to customize. It also restricts you to a one-to-many relationship.

With the subpanel it’s possible to handle a many-to-many relationship.

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