How to integrate Salesfusion(SugarMarket) with SuiteCRM 7.10.x?


I want to integrate Salesfusion (SugarMarket) with SuiteCRM. I tried searching for the compatible version but it’s not available. Can anyone help me on the same?


I don’t think you will be able to pull that off since the company that made that add-on was acquired by SugarCRM themselves:

I don’t think SugarCRM will show any interest in integrating with SuiteCRM :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a look at Mautic and the SuiteCRM - Mautic integration.

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But it is still an independent solution right? I mean, it’s not necessary to have SugarCRM if you have SugarMarket. So, there has to be someway to integrate it with other solutions.

By the way, thanks for suggesting the alternative. I will look into it.