How to integrate a MSSQL database to SuiteCRM?

I am currently adding a module as part of task given to me.

However, this module requires data from a MSSQL database external to SuiteCRM itself. I am fairly experienced with PHP and MySQL integration, but not with PHP and MSSQL integration. As I am fairly new to SuiteCRM too, I was wonder if anyone could at least point me in the right direction to getting this complete? Essentially all I need to do is take data from a MSSQL database and place it into a field as part of a module within SuiteCRM.

I have already written the code necessary for this to occur, now all I need to know is where to place my code! For a sales module, where would I place this code, so that it can be displayed on this module’s page? In otherwords: Where do I place my code to allow for my code to run correctly?

Have you thought about using an entrypoint? I dont see why it couldn’t work in a custom controller function either.