How to install on local machine (Mac OS X)?


I would like to install SuiteCRM on local machine to test it before live (Mac OS X).
I am using MAMP and I installed SuiteCRM via http://localhost:XXXX/SuiteCRM/install.php and follow all instructions.
Everything is running well until it stopped! When I check the sugarcrm log file, it says:
[8046][-none-][FATAL] Query Failed: select,, securitygroups_default.module, securitygroups_default.securitygroup_id from securitygroups_default inner join securitygroups on securitygroups_default.securitygroup_id = where securitygroups_default.deleted = 0 and securitygroups.deleted = 0: MySQL error 1146: Table ‘db_suitecrm.securitygroups_default’ doesn’t exist


[4110][-none-][FATAL] Query Failed: INSERT INTO outbound_email (id,name,type,user_id,mail_sendtype,mail_smtptype,mail_smtpserver,mail_smtpport,mail_smtpuser,mail_smtppass,mail_smtpauth_req,mail_smtpssl) VALUES (‘97c84a8b-46a4-345c-90a7-52e6e0c1dd0f’,‘system’,‘system’,‘1’,‘SMTP’,‘other’,’’,25,’’,’’,1,0): MySQL error 1146: Table ‘db_suitecrm.outbound_email’ doesn’t exist

Did I miss something…yes, for sure but what… please help! :ohmy:

Any help would be great :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

Sorry for that, I found what was wrong in my config :blink:
It was all about my internet security/ antivirus software which is Avast !! There were some conflicts apparently during the installation.
I deactivate an option in AVAST and the installation is now ok.

Hope maybe this will help someone else :wink:

Now I can try it ! :lol: