How to inform the account manager of a contact if a collegue is scheduling a meeting with that contact?

Let’s say, company A has contact C1.
Employee E1 is the account manager for C1, so the Assigned To Field = E1

Now, Employee E2 schedules a meeting with C1.

I want the workflow to send an email to E1 saying that his collegue schedules a meeting with C1 (and date, time, location etc.)

I can’t figure out how to setup the workflow. I would say:

Workflow module = Meetings
Run Only on Save, All records

No conditions (want it to run on all meetings)

But in the Email-part I can’t find the settings to send the mail to contact->assigned to. And obviously I don’t want the mail to be send to Meetings->Assigned To :wink:

Make sure you try every option in the Workflow, sometimes it’s not obvious…

I have another idea which might help. When you need to reach a field that is not available, sometimes the best way is to use an “auxiliary” field. So you would copy the “contacts->assigned to->email” to some custom field in the Meeting, and then use that one when sending the email.

I am just speculating, I don’t know if this works, I once solved a similar problem like this. I might have used a logic_hook instead of a Workflow to fetch that value, I don’t remember…

Good luck