How to import the relation between calls en contacts using the import wizard

My organization wants to use SuiteCRM, as replacement for another CRM-system. Therefore I’ve started to migrate the data from that system to SuiteCRM, using the import wizard.
All is going well, but now I want to import calls, meetings and tasks. For tasks there is a importfield to relate a contact (via contact-id) to a task. But for calls and meetings there isn’t. I can only relate an account to these objects, but not a contact.

My question is: is there a way to import the relationship between contacts and calls/meetings, using the import wizard?

You should use 2 field for import records calls/meetings.

  1. parent_type (label: ‘Parent Type’) - type of module, for example ‘Contacts’
  2. parent_id (label: ‘Related to ID’) - id of record in module ‘Contacts’
    There isn’t field parent_id in example ‘Import File Template’ .

Thanks for your quick answer! I will try this immediately !

I know this is an old post, but hoping for some clarification. I’m importing calls if anyone can clarify. I want the parent ID to be the account or the opportunity the call is related to, but I also have the contactID in the CSV. When I import calls there seems to be a field for “contact_id” to match it to but it doesn’t create the relationship on import.

I know I can just populate the calls_contacts table, but wondering if this is “supposed” to work in the import wizard, or is the only way to get the contact relation is to set Parent Type as Contact and relate to ID as the contact?

Long story short, I’m trying to preserve both relationships on import, the parent relationship to the Account or Opp, and the relationship to the contact.