how to import security group on Accounts

I am in the process of setting up our suiteCRM. I am importing data. So far I have accounts, invoices,products, product cat, and some users. I am now working on roles/security groups.

I find that I need to set the account into group(s) to restrict access. is there a way to do this via the import? instead of selecting 20 at a time.


Unless someone has a better way of doing this here is how I would proceed.

You can set a default SG in the bottom of Security Groups Management. Then all new Account records (or whatever Module you select) will be in the default group.

To address the Account records already created you can advanced search for specific things, such as State, etc, then select all records returned and do a mass update to the appropriate SG at the bottom of the page.


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select all instead of 20!

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If you have pages and pages of Accounts, contacts etc

You can go to Admin>System Settings

Listview items per page: 20

From here you can change the number to whatever you like

I have found going over 200 may slow the response time down

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Thanks. I didn’t know the dropped down had an option to ‘select All’. I used that to update my groups. Also found that I had moved ‘security groups’ off the display so that’s why I couldn’t see what each item had as a security group.

Tammy B)