how to I achive the mathematical operations of two fields and display in 3rd automatically

i have the following requirements:

I got following three fileds
field 1 : contains the per piece price
field 2 : contains the number of piece orders
field 3 : So this fields should automatically get the value as per the value entered by the users in the above two fields

For example
if users types per piece value =12 and order piece 10 than the third field should get the value 120 automatically

How can I achieve this. Do I have to do that code level changes or any solutions is there for such scenario.


Hi Tara,

if you are using SuiteCRM 7.8 or later you can do it through workflow calculated fields.

Thank you for the response. BTW I cant find the caculated fields in the workflow. I can find adding conditions but where exactly are you talking about

Can you guide me the process for it with a simple example


Please refer the screenshots … please note I’ve chosen some random fields only to describe the functionalities … you can chose your fields as per your requirement … let me know if you have anymore questions