How to format date based on suite configuration setting

Hello guys i want to format date on javascript based on config format that i have gave on config.php

please help me is urgently,

thank you

You can start to look at:

  1. ‘Calendar.setup’ here: ‘include/SugarFields/Fields/Datetime/EditView.tpl’
  2. ‘Calendar.setup’ here: ’ jssource/src_files/include/javascript/calendar.js’
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Assume the function for formatting the date is only used when the record is pulled up, the date is saved in the database as a common value which is then converted to your locale and preference. Depending on what your doing any chance you could resave the value to the database and just refresh the view?

Thank you Mac Rae,
i want to format datetime based on configuration with javascript. I use this functionality to format date when other field change