How to exclude projects, tasks, cases etc in filters

I have a situaton where I need to be able to exclude certain projects from the Project Task lists and in the Home Dashlets etc.
I’d like to know how to do exclusions for any module in general for anything I need to exlcude?

By default, I am not seeing options to exclude something, so I am assuming I would need to create some form of Exclusion Field and some how include this field in the filters.

Then need to know where to add the PHP code to factor this in.

Also need to add these kinds of exclusions to Project Tasks that are done so they don’t show in the Project List.

Many thanks

If you want to exclude any task from sub-panel list, then this is simple. You just need to add Where condition into Subpanel

Go to “modules/ProjectTask/metadata/subpanels/default.php”

$subpanel_layout = array(
    'top_buttons' => array(),
    'where' => '',

in Where index, add your where condition like

'where' => 'projecttask.status!="Completed"',

That’s it.

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Thank you Sohaib, I will try that