How to enable the email blast feature

Hi Sir\Mam,

I am using SuiteCRM. I have following queries to use SuiteCRM.
1 . I need assistance to activate the email blast feature. I want to send single mail (message) to multiple user via SuiteCRM.
2. How can we create multiple contacts via single step? I have follow following steps to create multiple contacts but i am unable to create multiple contacts. I can create single contact.

Steps:- Target List >> select a target from target list >> Contacts >> Create (Select) >> Contact Search form >> Search Profile & Industry >> Select all searched user >> Select button

But after that nothing happen. Please let me know where I am doing mistake.
Can you please let me know how it can be possible via SuiteCRM. I will be wait for your valuable feedback.

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you can use the Import feature to import a group of contacts from Excel (or any simple CSV)

You can go into the Contacts List view, select many, and click “Add to target list” from the Action menu, “bulk action”

Finally, you can have a Report with complex conditions and then add all the results of this report to a target list.

Hello Admin,

I did not get any bulk action option button. Please let me know how can find it.
Can you please attached screen short or share link with me?

Please reply asap.

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Which version are you running? Please always say that.

You might be getting this

Hello Ma’am/Sir

My current SuiteCRM Version is “7.6.6” and Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061). And we did not get any bulk action option button.
Please let me know how can find it?

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That’s really old and insecure…

It’s in the List view, you can see it in the first screen image here:

Hello Admin,

Please let me know how can i upgrade my current version to latest version?

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Make sure you have full backups, both code and database.

Ensure your stack is up to date with the version you are about to install:

Get this package from this page:

SuiteCRM-Upgrade-7.6.x LTS-to-7.8.31

After you get to version 7.8.x, you can make a second upgrade to the latest 7.10 LTS or 7.11.

If you want more detail this might be helpful: