How to download non-merged PR to test it?

Hi everyone,

I suck at all things Git.

Can somebody please tell me what is a good way to download some PR from SuiteCRM Github to run it on my test system?

I’m talking about PR’s that haven’t been merged yet.

The current examples I’m thinking of testing are this and this.

What is an easy way of getting these into my Ubuntu set up and running SuiteCRM with those features? Thanks!


I am by no means a GIT guru, but I’ll give you a place to start.

You have to first install GIT on your Ubuntu machine. (sudo apt-get install git)
You need to get the GIT repository for SuiteCRM setup. You will use the URL to setup as the origin GIT repository to your machine. Add a remote
From there you will want to pull the branches you want …looks like the branch you want is feature/filtersearch. Working with remotes

I haven’t worked with the SuiteCRM repository, but you’ll need to setup the config.php file to your system and DB.

There are many GIT tutorials online and the learning curve isn’t that steep to do what you want.

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I’ve been reading up on Git, and trying a few things with new repositories and clones.

However, I can’t seem to get around a problem, which is that SuiteCRM is a different thing before installation (the code up on Github) and after the installer runs. Files get created: not just config.php, also hooks definitions, etc.

So it’s never practical to actually do some development and debugging while maintaining the link to Github repositories (be it our own, or the “upstream” SuiteCRM from SalesAgility).

I wonder if I should Fork, Pull, then run the installer locally, then Push (to my own forked repo) and keep my repo in an “installed” state?