How to downgrade from 7.9.8 to 7.9.7

All our users are locked out except so need to know how to roll back. Any ideas?


sorry to see you in a tight spot.

There are no rollback procedures for SuiteCRM upgrades, except the ones you create by backing up (or snapshotting your VM) before upgrading. This is all recommended sysadmin procedures that you can do to control your risks.

Another thing I always do is test first in a test environment (a clone of my production system) to make sure things work with my data and my customizations.

Do you have any safety net?

We did this on our test system and it looked fine after testing. We then did on our live system which prompted me to logout and in again for the effects to kick in. It hadnt asked this the first time and then i couldn’t get back in.

We have daily db backups. We also have backups of our application side but there will be some loss between the 2… hence why I wanted to ask.

Yeah, this sure is a nasty bug - doesn’t show at first, then it nails you… treacherous thing.

And it simply doesn’t show on SalesAgility’s pre-release tests, and on their efforts to debug it now…

Its the SuitePimproved theme. If you move back to default and remove the package it works again…and relax.